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6.6kW Series DA6K6M22A charger

Model NO. Series:DA6K6M22A

Input voltage range:85-264VAC

Output voltage range:250-450VDC;300-550VDC;


Control:CAN Bus

Cooling:Air cooling

IP level:IP67

HVIL function:Yes

Liquid cooling pipe:Semi-hardening plastic material


Product brief introduction

The charger adopts advanced all-digital resonant frequency modulation technology, which has high efficiency, high power, small size and reliable operation. The charging mode adopts constant power,constant voltage and constant current automatic state transition, which effectively saves charging time. With active power factor correction, zero pollution to the grid, wide input and output voltage range, using CAN2.0B communication protocol. With intelligent charging function, it has intelligent monitoring fault alarm protection function,programme function and fault inquiry function; it also has built-in 12V/1A independent auxiliary power supply for power supply of car battery management system.